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Blu Plateau
Desktop + Mobile
Designers | Developers
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Our Services

We make liquid designs,
Smooth & Soft on any device.

Web Solutions

We offer all kinds of web solutions that suit any business needs with high quality design and an outstanding performance.

Mobile Applications

Expertise in developing innovative mobile applications suitable for IOS, Android and Windows using both Hybrid & Native platforms.

Software Solutions

Immense experience in ERP & Software development for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows & Google Chrome OS

Our Platforms

We don't just use them as tools,
We utilise them as robots

Who We Are?

We are not just the designers,
We are the Business Developers.


About Ourselves
Something about ourselves and our company. we love to share who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.
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About Our Views
All about what we like to be and how we want to map the exiting digi business future of our clients with an outstanding tool
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What We Stand For
Few things about our existence and why we are here, which will never be changed overtime..
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View Our Story
Checkout where we have started our journey and how we are stretching our roots with great clients.
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We are group of professionals focused on making creative and innovative works

Blu Plateau is an experienced digital business development agency. We innovate tools for digital media with the design integrated technology.

We offer the website & mobile apps development along with branding and also the services which can automate your business marketing like Email Campaigns, Web Scraping etc. depending upon the requirements.

Our Vision

Delivering the best service which meets the advanced technological requirements of all our clients through excellent teamwork.

Our Mission

We strive to develop businesses in the digital world through the state of art, technology, innovation and visualisation.

Our History

Blu Plateau, a brand name of Prex Creatives Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2012 and is now successfully heading forward with hundreds of clients all over the world. We have the most sophisticated production units and our team is specialised in handling any scale of digital media services.

Our Works